Corner Edge Solutions Launches Design Site

The Corner Edge team is very proud to announce the implementation of

Corner Edge services a wide base of clients ranging from fortune 500 multi-nationals to small business and Entrepreneurs. This site was developed to showcase the broad range of design that Corner Edge offers to its’ clients.

Pressing F8 during Windows install on Vmware ESX 3.5

After scouring the Intertubes for an answer and not finding a solution, I feel this is a worthy tidbit of new technical information I should share with the rest of the world.

It’s a simple yet annoying problem.

While installing a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro on a Vmware ESX 3.5 host, I got to the usual “Licensing Agreement” page (you know the one with all the legalese). It asks for the F8 key to be pressed to “agree”.

To my surprise, pressing F8 just wouldn’t work! No combination of CTRL, ALT, shift, ascii-codes would work either, I was stuck on the agreement page!

I had seen this before with a Vmware Workstation installation.  Where, if I wanted to enter a VM’s BIOS settings I needed to use a PS/2 keyboard (in addition to my regular USB keyboard) in order to press “ESC” to enter the configuration page.  The only theory I had in mind was that maybe the USB devices weren’t loaded early enough to access the BIOS, while PS/2 support was. *shrug*

Well, back to ESX. I tried pressing F8 through both the VIC2.5 Console tab and through a separate Console window. No luck.

It turns out that the only solution to pressing F8 was to access the VIC2.5 through another workstation (using a PS/2 keyboard) and finally F8 was accepted. Weird.

Yes it’s simple yet annoying problem.

(For the record, my workstation has a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 (ver 1.0))

Update 20080814: One reader’s comment really fixes this beautifully

hey4ndrw Says:
If you have the Microsoft Wireless Natural Multimedia ergonomic keyboard, and no amount of leaning on the F8 key to select “I Agree” works when reinstalling XP, try tapping once on the F Lock button (one key to the right of F12), then pressing F8. Worked for me.

Corner Edge Launches Urban Impact Blue Jean Banquette Site

The Corner Edge Team has launched a new site for Urban Impact a Pillar of Fire Ministry. now features Blue Jean Banquet,  a special event site to highlight and service their Spring Fundraiser June 1st in Zarphath NJ. The Evening of Urban Flavor features special guest speaker Super Bowl Champion David Tyree of the New York Giants. Buy a ticket or become a sponsor, and make an impact!

Corner Edge Launches New Site

The Corner Edge Team has launched a new site for Urban Impact a Pillar of Fire Ministry. is a rich new site featuring video and slide show galleries. A user can learn all there is to know about the ministry and it’s staff, check the schedule for up coming events like the Blue Jean Banquet in June. While you’re there why not donate to a good cause or just shoot them an email and be sure to visit their partner ministries too.