eMacs crash?! Who knew?!

eMac BSOD 2In the business of making technology work, system crashes are par for the course.  We run accross so many BSODs that when they show up, we are more likely to yawn than to scream.

We work with anything our customers use: Windows (all possible flavors), Linux (many flavors), OpenBSD, and Mac OS, DOS (yes DOS).

Sometimes we forget that even Macs running OS X crash, maybe it’s the genius of the Apple marketing that has us numb to that fact.eMac BSOD 2

So, when those crashes happen on a Mac (an oldie but goodie eMac to be exact) we can’t help but chuckle… it’s sort of cute in a geeky way.

Running a System Update and a Office for Mac update at the same time provided us with these latest screenshots.

Enjoy -Elias