Jewel Precision launches new informative interactive site.

Corner Edge Solution breaths new life into an ailing website. With this new design, finally reflects the quality of their product. The strong use of color exemplifies the durability engineered into every surgical case Jewel produces.

The home page demonstrates the benefit of having Jewel designed sterilization cases through the use of an interactive Flash animation. Likewise on the products page you can click through the various components of the Jewel Custom Case or snap brackets into the versatile SIOS (Surgical Instrument Organizing System) Case. The site offers detailed information with crisp photos of Custom Cases, Modules designed for holding small parts, SIOS Cases and Trays as well as all the SIOS accessories.

Check out Jewel Precision and learn about their 25 year history and their commitment to quality and adhering to and surpassing industry standards. Jewel certifications are available in Adobe pdf format. adds marriage ministry to its web presence.

Corner Edge Solutions is proud to announce the launch of

Zarphath Christian Churchs’ 22one Marriage Ministries mission is to Encourage, Empower, and Equip couples to promote Christ Centered marriages where couples are biblically strengthened and engaged. Users of can learn about the unique growth groups offered. Members and new comers can check in for activities information. Drop into the gallery to see photos and videos of the 22one events, while you’re there let the folks at 22one what you think about their mission by sending them an email.

There is more to come at so keep checking back!

Flash AS2 Tips for Designers, variables in target paths.

How can I use a variable in a target path? This may be a well known bit of info for many Flash developers but for this designer who is not code jockey it was a  quite a challenge. I have a flash file that has a movie clip (myclip) attached to it dozens of times, each clip is dynamically named (myclip1, myclip2, myclip3, etc.) and each contains a variable (var_in_myclip) which is loaded from xml. The root contains 2 variables, one is a number (var id:Number;) and the other is a string (var whichclipvar;).

So I need my “whichclipvar” to be the same as one of my “var_in_myclip” in one of “myclip” movie clips and I want to use my “id” number to target a specific “myclip” to get it’s var, like this

whichclipvar = _root.myclip1.var_in_myclip;

But I need the myclip1 in the target path to change if “id” changes.

The solution is to create a new variable that can be used as a string in the target path. Like this:

var myclippath:String=”myclip”+id;

Then use [myclippath] in place of the movie clip in your target path. The square brackets are important for this, and no preceding “.” who knew? The whole code looks like this and requires a movie clip on the stage with an instance name of “myclip” and its symbol properties must be set to export for action script and named “myclip”:

var id:Number;

//// NOTE: the id var can be set in any way that works for your purposes///

var whichclipvar;

var mycontent:XML = new XML();


mycontent.ignoreWhite = true;

mycontent.onLoad = function (success) {

if (success) {

var myxml = this.firstChild;

for (var i=0; i<36; i++) {

myclip.attachMovie(“myclip”, “myclip”+i, (0+i), {var_in_myclip:myxml.firstChild.childNodes[5].childNodes[i].childNodes[1].firstChild.nodeValue,});



var myclippath:String=”myclip”+id;

whichclipvar = _root[myclippath].var_in_myclip;

New offering makes online presentations a snap!

A new product has been added to the Corner Edge line up. iWebPresentations is a great new, flexible tool for displaying presentations online. This platform is ideal for sales force training, CME or a host of other applications.

iWebPresentations can be password protected and date sensitive, so only invited viewers have access. iWebPresentations also capture data so you can track user input and response.

To see a preview of iWebPresentations go to

A fresh bold new face for Mann & Co.

With the relaunch of Mann & Co. Corner Edge Solutions has solidified its lasting relationship with Mann & Co. Inc., the print management powerhouse.

The strikingly bold Flash based interface of the new design conveys the message of Experience, Knowledge and Technology. successfully portrays Mann & Co. as pioneer in the field of online print management with it’s proMannager(sm) internet based print management tool powered by Corner Edge Solutions.

Mann & Co. is more than virtual print management, a personal service approach is taken with every project that Mann & Co. manages. Mann & Co. puts environmental awareness at the fore front of their business by working in harmony with recycling initiatives and environmentally safe resources such as soy inks. gets a fresh new look.

Raphael Giglio is a recording artist and worship leader. He is part of a fresh new genre of singer/songwriters who have evolved from many styles of music and are enjoying mainstream success.

His style is a mix of Folk, Pop, Modern Messianic, Contemporary Christian and Worship. Raphael serves as pastor of worship at Zarephath Christian Church and on Star 99.1 FM radio.

Corner Edge Solutions has developed a completely new website to help Raphael spread his words and music of faith. offers many ways for fans to learn more about Raphael and keep up to date with what’s happening with him. A complete history of Raphael’s career  is documented on the biography page. You can listen to every song ever recorded by Raphael on the music page, and to read the words that make his work so inspirational click to the lyrics page. In the photos section of you can check out how Raphael looked through various styles and stages of his career.

Go see Raphael perform! to find out where just check the events page for a complete schedule. The new site even offers fans info on how to get their favorite Raphael songs, and for faith leaders to schedule an event with Raphael. If all that has to offer is still not enough check out the links. Learn even more about Raphael and Aly at and The new site design is a vast improvement presenting the content in a clean and orderly manner with great new listening and lyrics features that make the experience interactive and fulfilling.

Windows Vista indexing Oulook

UPDATE: I’ve verified a noticeable performance improvement after doing this on my workstation and laptop.  I encourage all performance users to consider all their indexing on their computers and minimize it to what you need only.


To ring in my new year, I had some outlook 2007 issues.  Like most of us out there, I have been struggling to get some performance out of this new version of outlook for some time.   Now, I should mention that I’m far from an average user.  I have 10+ gigs of email in my exchange mailbox (no I don’t believe in archiving), and I I’m also running Xobni, so I do hit outlook pretty hard.  I feel it is fair for me to wait on occasion for things, but I’m running a fairly new Vista 64-bit machine with 12 gigs of ram, so Outlook cannot complain about resources.  I know its only 32-bit, but I can give it a full 4 gigs of ram if it wants, and it usually takes it.   It would be nice if there was a 64-bit version of outlook… someday.

One of the common performance tweaks is disabling the searching in Outlook.  With Google desktop, Microsoft, and in my case Xobni, you need to pay attention to how many programs have there hands on your database for indexing.  I disabled outlook and Google to only rely on Xobni for searching.  I followed the instructions, and THOUGHT I had removed all the search features in outlook.  Today I was VERY surprised to find the index service in Vista was STILL indexing my outlook data file.  Here is how I found it.

I had an unrelated search speed issue, so I looked into tuning my indexing settings to speed things up a bit.   If you are like most of us, you are running Google desktop as well, so I don’t really need the Vista index, but I do want it there for the occasional focused or advanced search.  Anyway, when going into the search options, I clicked modify and found that my Microsoft Office Outlook was still selected to be indexed!

I unchecked it, adjusted some other areas like “offline files” and other network shares that I don’t want indexed.  Then I initiated a full re-index to ensure it was cleared.

I’ll post later and let you know if I notice an increase in speed.