Do you have a wiki?

Does your company have a wiki?  Do you know what a wiki is?  Corneredge uses them to keep our team on the same page.

Here is an intro:

With todays talent and social media at our finger tips consider the technology of a wiki to pull your team together.

worried about your cargo? check out

With all of hte recent pirate activity in the ocean, several of our clients have expressed an interest in where their cargo is in the world at any given time.  Sure UPS and Fedex will give you basic tracking info, but now people want to know what ship their containers are on.  Shippers are providing this information and this site is coming in handy for at least seeing the cargo progress around the world:

Provides real-time data on where ships of all kinds are in a nice google-earth interface.

Nice site!

Fix RDP from Vista to Windows Server 2008 Terminal Server connectivity and performance

So you have configured your Windows Server 2008 Terminal Server with:

Server Manager >> “Configure Remote Desktop” >> Systems Properties >> “Remote Desktop”

as “Allow connections from computers running any version of one of Remote Desktop (Less secure)”

And your XP clients get a quick RDP connection but Vista clients hang for a long time and sometimes connect and sometimes don’t, then it’s a firewall issue. (Clarification: this post does NOT apply to a TS Gateway.)

Not a firewall issue for traffic to the Terminal Server (TS) but a connection between the TS and your Domain Controller (DC)!

If your design includes a firewall between your TS and DC, first make sure you have the basic rules configured.

Then make sure you’re allowing outbound TCP port 49157 between TS and DC. It is a port used by svchost.exe and lsass.exe during authentication.

Presto! The connections from your Vista clients will be lightning fast.

Corner Edge likes their Vista lighting fast.


Provide Windows Mobile support remotely with MyMobiler and Logmein

Providing remote PC and server support to our client has been revolutionized by our use of remote tools like Logmein (both their paid Reach and Free products).

My Mobiler screenshot

My Mobiler screenshot

How do we remotely make sure our client’s Window Mobile smartphones are configured correctly?

Thanks to the folks at MTUX (, they have put together an awesome freeware tool: My Mobiler v1.23.  It requires Activesync which can be downloaded for free from Microsoft and the USB cable to connect to your computer.

If we pair My Mobiler + Logmein we have an super efficient way of remotely viewing the screen of their Windows Mobile phones.

This helps us service our customers even better plus it helps us being even more green, we do less driving and less shipping of equipment.

At Corner Edge we love to be efficient.