Domain SPF records on Network Solutions

If you send email from your domain you should really consider setting up a “Sender Policy Framework” (SPF) DNS record for it.
There are already great resources out there for setting up and for verifying your work; I won’t repeat them.

I WILL write about how to properly set the SPF at Network Solutions (NetSol).

After you use online resources to make up your SPF record string, at NetSol it is configured under.

Account Manager  >>  Dns >> Manage Advanced DNS Records >> Text (TXT Records)

Though their site has some documentation on SPF, it lacked a important piece of information.

The default TXT settings are:

* (All Others) and

@ (None)

Of these default fields, which one (if at all) should be overwritten?

The correct answer is, set your SPF record in the Text field of “@ (None)” line. Leave the TTL alone.  Careful to add it to the right spot, adding your SPF to the “* (All Others)” won’t work, trust me I know.

That little tidbit of information may help someone.


16 thoughts on “Domain SPF records on Network Solutions

  1. Perfect man, thanks so much for that info! I second CB4’s motion- Network Solutions should provide that info. When I called they basically said “yeah that’s where you put it but I don’t know what code you should put in and I don’t know which field”

    Thanks for writing this!

    • I agree. I’ve had several calls with them, and they all say is “Yeah. that looks right” or “I think that’s right, but I’m not sure because we’re not trained to know spf records. If you want, we can elevate the case to a tech support rep, and have someone call you?” Well, why would I call technical support, if I didn’t want to speak to a technical support representative!? Insane..

  2. I finally called NS to ask them where I put the record, and they told me the same but sounded like they weren’t very sure! so pleased (and relieved) to see the confirmation here.

    My vote for the most useful post!

  3. This is a great post. I was able to get the record created. What it has not seemed to fix 4 me is messages going to Comcast or AOL getting stuck in my outbound smtp queue. I know the reason is reverse lookup failure. I was under the impression this record would resolve this problem for me. Is that incorrect information? If so does NetSol have a method to create a PTR for mail hosted at our site. I was going to just pull DNS inhouse and be done but say this post and decided to give it one more try.

    • Hi Tesiuta,

      rDNS records are created by your ISP. Some ISPs will give you the ability to modify the rDNS entry inside your account control panel, and some require a phone call or email to their tech support staff.

      Keep in mind also, that it needs to be a Static IP for rDNS to work. if you are using dynamic service from your ISP, you will not have the ability to setup rDNS.

      Here is a comprehensive post about rDNS and being blocked for email that I have used before:

      Let me know if this helps or not.

  4. Thanks a bunch man…

    I had configured an SPF record 9 months ago (in the *(All Others) field, of course) and I didnt even realize it was wrong until I had an email issue for traffic going to a customer using GoDaddy hosted email.

    I see Yahoo and Gmail checking SPF (when I look at full headers), but GoDaddy is the only one I have seen enforcing it so far.


  5. Thanks for the info! I have been sitting here for hours now saying WTH!@# Network Solutions documentation absolutely blows (what little there is) for TXT / SPF.

    BTW they have a short video tutorial of doing the TXT record. That shows you to use * All others , which of course does not work.

  6. Thanks very much! This was a real timesaver. Wish Network Solutions made a lot of their instructions more clear on their DNS control panel.

  7. Thank you very much!

    I went back and forth, following Networksolution’s instructions, then double checking with DNS Reports and other tools and every time received the notice that our domain does not have an SPF record.

    Thanks to your instructions it finally worked (you might want to ask Networksolutions to pay you for your service)


  8. Thank you so much for this little tip! I had two customers that I had configured SPF records for at NetSol. I’ve been testing them for weeks and they just didn’t work. I even called NetSol support TWICE and they just said, “well, we see them on our servers so they’re there, so they must be working.” Then today I finally found this post, changed it this morning and now everything is good. I can’t believe that their support people didn’t know about this!

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