Got Backup? – Bad hard drive sounds and what they mean

We have been seen our fair share of bad hard drives lately.  We are passionate about setting customers up with two forms of automatic backup (on site and off site) because hard drives do fail.  Lets face it, backup is so easy and cheap these days there is no real excuse for lost information.   Don’t be stuck without backup!

Ok, so your hard drive fails.  How do you diagnose the failure?  Is it the click of death?  Are there bad heads, bad clusters, a stuck spindle? Does it sound fine, but just not load?

When its making strange noises, this site might help you decide exactly what has happened with a close listen to the drive:

A lot of times these noises mean you are toast, or in for a costly repair & data recovery job.  If you have backups, this can serve for great entertainment to satisfy your inner geek.  You’ll know exactly what happened…

Without backups, well, at least you can add the exact diagnosis to your new data loss nightmare story.  But those stories are getting REALLY old these days, so please make sure you are getting good backups, there is no good excuse.


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