Pound foolish – the tale of two laptops

4+ years ago I purchased two laptops.  One was a completely loaded Dell Inspiron 6000 and the other was a bare bones Insipron 6000.  One was my laptop that I used every day and the other was a simple machine for someone who wanted to “save money”.

Fast forward to today and the loaded computer has the processor, RAM, and performance to still get the job done.  The cheaper laptop is so slow it’s basically un-usable.   It’s too slow to take advantage of any of the current search technologies, and is really only useful for surfing the web.  The video is slow, the hard drive and ram are slow, and the cheap Celeron processor is slow.  All of it adds up to a slow computer.  Sure it “did the job” when it was new, but with today’s software and multimedia intensive applications on the web, its painful to use.

This problem is all to common with customers who try to scrape every last dollar out of a computer configuration.  Don’t forget the old adage – Penny wise but pound foolish.  Time value of money is realized here in two ways.  Sure I spent another $1000 on the faster laptop, BUT I gained another YEAR of use out of it at least AND its been faster all along as well.  So that’s two ways I saved time and money in the long run with the faster computer.

This is why you’ll often find us suggesting a more expensive computer.  Its not about money, but true value.  Ask us to price out the most valuable computer for you so we can get you what you need to be efficient with your time, more profitable, and therefore more successful.  Computers are so cheap these days, spend the extra $500 to get a machine that will last you longer and make you more productive.