Magic Mouse review

Wowzers, I have a great wife! I never have a very extensive Christmas list but I can usually count on my sweetheart and my son to wrap up most of the goodies on it and stick them under the tree. This year that included the new Magic Mouse from Apple. And not to sound too pro Apple (even though I am) I only want the new thing because the old Mighty Mouse turned out to be somewhat disappointing in the long run. Between work and home I have probably five Mighty Mice both wired and Bluetooth wireless all of which will scroll in one direction only some will only scroll up and some only down, very annoying. It’s only been a few days since I unwrapped my new toy but far the new Magic Mouse has performed– well magically. The seamless multi-touch surface is super intuitive for scrolling and panning in all applications I’ve tried so far even the newly irritating font selection panel in Flash CS4. For the most part it’s comfortable in my hand but the edges take a little getting used to. It is really nice to just sit and look at too, simple, beautiful industrial design. Hopefully it will not get buggy like it’s predecessor or burn through batteries like the old plastic wireless keyboards did. I’m not sure if it will be a big time saver or even pay for itself in productivity but it sure is a sweet toy for an Apple gadget hound like me. If this were a carpentry blog I’d tell you all about my new Dremel tool.

A great collection of windows 7 tips and tricks

For all of you considering or using windows 7 on your computers now, check out this great collection of windows 7 tips and tricks:

windows 7 tips & tricks ebook

Tips include:

Access Jump Lists with the Left Mouse Button
Application based Volume Mixer
Assign Keyboard Shortcuts for Programs
Check Windows Version
Copy Command Prompt Output
Create new instance of an Application in Windows 7 Super Taskbar
Customize the Windows 7 log-on screen
Customize UAC in Windows 7
Customize Windows 7 Power Button Action
Desktop wallpaper Slideshow : Shuffle Desktop background
Disable Wallpaper Change
Display a Message at Start Up
Display Multiple Clocks in System Tray
Dock Windows to Left Right Up down
Encrypt USB drive using BitLocker
Find out How Healthy Your Battery is on Your Laptop
Find Windows 7 Keys for all Versions
Find your Computer Uptime
Font Issues: Make easier to Read Screen Text
Get Vista like taskbar in Windows 7
How to Create Themes in Windows 7
How to disable restrict USB/Flash Drive in Windows 7
How to Remove “Folder opens in New Window” Problem
Install Windows Vista and Windows 7 using bootable USB storage device
Jump lists Customization
Jumplist in Taskbar Application
Launch Multiple instances of an Application
Lock The Screen Shortcut
Network Access Protection : Secure your Network
New Autoplay & Autorun options in Windows 7
On Screen Keyboard
Parental Controls in Windows 7
Prevent Windows 7 from Automatically Rebooting after Installing Windows Updates
Problem Steps Recorder
Remove Recycle Bin in Windows 7
Remove/Show Notify Area Icons
Rename Admin account in Windows 7
Rename Multiple Files @ Same time
Retrieve Built Details & other Information of Windows Installed
Set Ctrl+Alt+Del Options in Windows 7
Show Desktop Icon in Windows 7
Start Menu Customization
Sticky Notes Text Formatting
Super Taskbar
Turn off Balloon Notifications
Twenty Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts
Upgrading From Windows 7 RC To Final
User Account pictures in Windows 7
Windows Application Compatibility Mode
Windows Media Player 12 : Customize Playlist
Windows Media Player 12 : Preview a song before adding to playlist
Windows Media Player 12 Jumplist feature

Atlas Data Systems gets a makeover.

Atlas Data Systems has hired Corner Edge Solutions, again, to revitalize their web site design. Atlas Data Systems provides information technology services and business solutions to a broad range of Fortune 1000 companies. It had been roughly three years since the previous iteration was launched when we received a RFP to update the site. The redesign of turned out to be  more than just a new graphic design. Corner Edge also provided Atlas with a on-site web site content editor, so they can rewrite and publish directly on the page with WYSIWYG editing tools. The design of the site is simple and straight forward with predictable navigation low key supporting images, thus projecting an image of professionalism, stability and trust. Corner Edge also provides the Westfield NJ based company with web site hosting.

Timberwolf Dry Kilns becomes TWK Custom.

When Timber Wolf Dry Kilns, a leading solutions and service provider to the lumber industry since 1962 based in Smoke Run PA, decided to revamp and redirect their business model they came to Corner Edge for branding support. Corner Edge worked with TWK on a logo design that would represent their fabrication business. Corner Edge also developed a web site design that quickly and effectively presents the  services offered by TWK Custom. The web site boldly features a background tree graphic that maintains the historical significance of the TWK brand and it’s respected reputation in the lumber industry. Corner Edge also provides TWK Custom with web site and email hosting.