CornerEdge Backup Service

Automate your backups in two ways so you never have to loose ANY data.

Everyone needs a backup of some kind today.  All of you have data ranging from personal pictures and videos to financial files that you cannot lose.  Don’t wait for something catastrophic to happen.  Set yourself up with two forms of backup.  Corneredge recommends a FULLY AUTOMATED system to avoid forgetful humans getting in the way of your data.

After 15 years of backup experience, we have an excellent solution to ensure complete backups for your home or business.  Setting up on-site backups are critical, and we combine that with an automated encrypted off-site backup solution that allows you to send your backups off-site over the internet for a very small fee.   We utilize the latest in cloud storage, security, and replication technology to make sure you can retrieve your data.  We monitor logs to ensure they are happening on schedule, and we check the backups on a monthly basis with restore tests of your critical files.

Contact us today to make sure your data is safe.  Your data is worth it.