Corneredge ticket system

We are excite to launch our new ticket system today.  We have been working with various systems, and have finally completed our in house program released into beta today!   All of our systems support will be tracked in the new systems, emails will be automated, and details recorded in this new central database.  Ultimaltey, we plan on serving you better.  Let us know what you think!

Google now hosting public DNS servers

Google has gotten into the DNS race by introducing two new DNS servers for public use.  Their IP addresses are and, and they have been online since December 3, 2009 according to the Official Google Blog.  According to Google, they also will not be redirecting mis-typed domains like OpenDNS does to try and drive site traffic to themselves.  They will respond with the normal “name cannot be resolved” error.

For more information about this, along with other advantages of using them for your DNS server, you can read from their Introduction to Google Public DNS page.

Disclaimer: ONLY issue we have, is the great power of information.  Is it REALLY the best idea to give google yet another avenue to collect our information?  Just a quick reminder to check about what Google knows about you and consider this before using the services: What does google know?

UPDATE: Google is not keeping your information.  See their privacy policy for more information.

Security Tip: Use different passwords in different places

Hotmail was compromised this week as well as twitter.   Through phishing schemes and other clever techniques, hackers are looking to capture your information.  Be sure to use a DIFFERENT password for all your different web services to protect yourself against a hacker.  Even the best of us can be caught by some of these schemes.

Come up with a good password algorithm that works for you and diversify those passwords!  Change them on a regular basis, and you’ll be safer out on the web.

Here is a recent example of Twitter being compromised along with some other sites

Hotmail passwords leaked – change your password

Today Microsoft had their password lists compromised.

Anybody with a hotmail account, Windows Live account, or msn account should take the time to change their password. This is confirmed by Microsoft, and a customer of mine had this happen to him: someone used his compromised password to send bad links to several of… his contacts.

More details here