Learn More About Corner Edge Back Up Service

We are happy to announce the launch of http://backup.corneredge.com to help potential customers learn more about the value of Corner Edge Back Up Service.

McAfee Update causes continuous reboots on XP

UPDATE: here is the official fix from McAfee: http://vil.nai.com/vil/5958_false.htm

McAfee corporate customers using Windows XP experienced massive problems today as an update to McAfee’s security suite deleted svhost.exe—a very common Windows process—causing XP machines to reboot continuously.

McAfee has confirmed the problem and removed the faulty virus definition file from the update. Only McAfee’s corporate users were affected.

to fix it try this tip:

boot to safe mode, rename mcshield.exe, reboot, run Virus Console, pick Tools -> Rollback DAT, name back to mcshield, reboot

Source: Lifehacker

Windows Tweaks – is that little trick really working?

Lifehacker had a great article today showing the good old windows tricks to make your PC faster.  Which ones really work?  This is definitely worth your time if you are into tweaking or tuning your computers performance.

Windows Maintenance Tips: The Good, Bad, and Useless

You might be surprised which ones help performance vs. hurt performance.

Get things done with Remember the milk

I have used several ways to track my to-do list.  Ranging from paper to outlook to separate tools, and nothing has really worked for me until I found Remember the Milk.

If you need to get organized with your to-do list, check out remember the milk

Also check out these advanced tips

Zovirax, Pace and Corner Edge

Pace, a full-service professional advertising agency located in Parsippany New Jersey has teamed up with Corner Edge Solutions to produce zoviraxhcp.com. Pace has conceptualized the website that is intended to offer information about the Zovirax product line to physicians and healthcare professionals in the United States. The talented group at Pace designed and developed content for the site and provided Corner Edge with artwork, documents and content text. Corner Edge’s development team produced an animated interactive Flash navigation feature for the home page as well as .NET development for the entire site. Pace and Corner Edge have collaborated on countless initiatives like web based software tools, CD/DVD presentations, web  sites and banner advertisements.

iWeb Presentations available for iPad mobile Safari TODAY!

Corner Edge Solutions remains on the cutting edge of technology and application development with the beta release of it’s already successful iWeb Presentations platform. The growing popularity of the iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices as well as the anticipated business market success of Apples iPad has inspired us to make our products available to a wider audience. While still available in it’s original form as a Adobe Flash based web application with a .NET backend to manage users and track data the new mobile version has been completely redeveloped from the ground up to accommodate the iPad. Corner Edge developers have embraced the Apple development environment and is excited to offer this and many more products and service applications for these ground breaking devices. Corner Edge Solutions is committed to providing the very best service on any platform. Contact Corner Edge today for a iWeb Presentations for iPad demonstration.