64-Bit Outlook 2010 is FAST

I’m happy to report that the new version of Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit edition is FAST.  This is one of the first times I’ve installed a 64-bit application and truely seen the benefits.  I have a TON of email, and this version of outlook has shown to be able to keep up with me, run well, and really work quickly for me on an older computer.

I recommend it to power users, it a worthwhile upgrade in time savings alone when compared with outlook 2007.

The search and usability features have almost negated the need for my favorite too, xobni as well… more on that later.


Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit can’t be installed with older versions of office

As developers we often have to support many different versions of Microsoft office.  We are excited to use the 64 capabilities of the latest version of office 2010.  When installing last week I noticed I cannot have older versions of office.  If you want to run 64 bit, you have to UN-install previous 32 bit versions of Office.

You’ll see this message:

32 Bit Error message when trying to install office 2010 64 bit

So, prepare some extra time to un-install your older 32 bit applications before upgrading to 2010.  Its cleaner to use virtualization to maintain multiple client installs for development purposes anyway.

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