Does Sortfolio marketing for design services work?

The short answer is yes! Any business searching for design services will find an extremely useful tool for narrowing their options. Businesses offering design services will find it to be a very worthwhile  use of about 10 minutes of their time, 10 minutes because that’s about how long it takes to add your company to the listing and it’s FREE! Simply add a brief company bio, an image that represents your design services and best of all a link to your website to give interested parties a more in depth look at your company and work. Corner Edge listed there to help drive their graphics business and have experienced positive results with valuable leads towards new business. Yes, valuable leads because right there on our listing prominently displayed is a general price guide line for a typical design project, this weeds out prospects that are looking for freelance rates as well as those looking for Madison Avenue agencies. Corner Edge services a wide base of clients ranging from Fortune 500 multi-nationals to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Whether you need branding, advertising or collateral, Corner Edge is here to help. In print, on the web or in an email campaign, we can conceptualize a program to get your message out with design that is targeted directly to your customers.

Grace Fellowship Chapel

Grace Fellowship Chapel has a brand new website. Here is an actual quote from a recent visitor.
“I LOVE THE NEW WEBSITE!!!  Crystal clear, attractive, easy to use, welcoming.” We are all very proud of the work we do and it gives us great pleasure to know that what we do is appreciated not only by our clients but by their users as well. It is also an honor to help support Grace Fellowship Chapel and their ministry. If you can’t make it to the chapel located at 375 Main Street, Bedminster, NJ just visit the website and listen to the sermons there.

Grace Fellowship Chapel

Grace Fellowship Chapel

High CPU Usage in VMware Guest may NOT be CPU Problem

Hi CPU usage in the VMware guest may not be caused from an overloaded CPU.  It may be from a DataStore that is too slow.  Check the performance tab in your VMware client and see if that too is showing high CPU utilization.  If it isn’t, consider the speed of your DataStore.

We recently moved a VM from a RAID 5 with 3 slower SATA drives to a RAID 10 with 6 SAS 15k drives and with no other changes to the VM configuration and the machine performance has increased dramatically.

The problem appears to be caused by a backup writing files to the disk, which backs up the processor causing it to run at near 100% utilization waiting to be able to move on to its next task.  This will probably be most noticeable with database servers like Exchange and SQL.

Take this into consideration also when you are spec’ing out a new VMware server, as upgrading the DataStore disks to faster ones is not a simple job.  Include growth into your design; it’s always better to have an under-utilized server that is fast than one that is over-utilized and slow.

New website for Wild Heart Bulk Landscape Supplies

Wild Heart Bulk Landscape Supplies

Wild Heart Bulk Landscape Supplies Exciting New Website

Wild Heart Bulk Landscape Supplies is a woman owned business with a goal to create superior work and service at a reasonable price. Wild Heart offers a  wide variety of products and services from their store in Hillsborough, NJ. To help the company grow Corner Edge has designed and developed a new web site that highlights  their bulk products, custom sheds and landscaping and maintenance services. Corner Edge custom developed specially designed calculators to help customers and staff to determine the volume of product needed for a given project. The site also includes order request forms for bulk supplies and sheds, which will soon be incorporated into a full online e-commerce site linked directly to the company’s sales ticket system also developed and securely hosted by Corner Edge. Be sure to visit the various services pages to see some fun Flash animation created to represent each service. In addition to Flash Corner Edge has begun implementing the latest website development techniques available through the use of  html5 and CSS3.