What is Corner Edge?

We are a team of experienced professionals who love what we do. We are passionate about IT performance. Whether in the home or office, computers should be enjoyable and powerful tools.  Accurate information should be at your fingertips and leveraged to contribute to efficient operation of your business. When your IT systems are not performing to optimal efficiency, we take it personally and work through getting it to the peak of its potential.

Here are some of our core ideals:

  • Valuewe have come from both small business and enterprise environments. We know what it takes to make the most of the available resources in front of us to make a project successful.
  • Communicationclear communication of your needs and how technology works leads to successful decisions and effective solutions.
  • EthicsWho are you trusting your data to?  We hold our ethics high. Honesty will be clear through performance, actions, and results of our promises and work.
  • Performanceexperience and knowing how the systems work allows us to provide the most from your IT system. Don’t wait for reports, don’t wait for downloads. We can identify bottlenecks and make your systems work for you.

The CornerEdge team is passionate about performance. From your network to a website in a datacenter, uptime and ease of use is paramount.

Why the name Corner Edge?

Communication is one of the most important aspects of our business. One of the most powerful tools in communication is an analogy. CornerEdge is an automotive analogy. Some analogies that lead to our name:

  • If you have the edge in the corners, you can beat the competition.
  • As a great car is happiest when working hard through the corners of a windy road, we are happiest when we are working hard for our customers.
  • Happiness is not around the corner, but in the corner.

You are sure to hear more analogies relating to cars and other aspects of life when working with us. It’s a creative, fun and effective way for us to communicate with you.

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