Corner Edge Design site gets a make over.

Our goal in redesigning was to make it more than just a portfolio of design projects and to better highlight key areas of our design services. The new site is geared to offer a quick synopsis of specific design services in areas of  brand identity, advertising/marketing, package design and corporate communications. The design features the clean look and simple navigation that has become the trademark for the Corner Edge family of websites, yet maintains it’s own personality inherited from the original site. We have not, however, abandoned our portfolio, it too has been redesigned. The new Corner Edge Design Portfolio is accessed through the “PORTFOLIO” link and opens in a new browser window. On computers and Flash enabled devices the portfolio offers an immersive look into the design works of Corner Edge divided into Site Design, Interface Design, Promotion and Audio Video sections. IOS users are not left out, an iPad specific version has been updated too, built with Apple’s Dashcode for maximum compatibility and utilizing common assets with the main site. An new iPhone version is not far behind. Both versions of the new port folio are dynamically populated through xml feeds. For rich Flash web site design with iOS alternative content contact Corner Edge Solutions at 973-285-9900.

Corner Edge Design

Corner Edge is proud to announce the launch of

Carmagnola & Ritardi, LLC is a law group located in Morristown New Jersey, offering specialized representation in labor, employment and commercial litigation matters. Carmagnola & Ritardi has contracted Corner Edge to be their IT service company. Corner Edge provides the law group with secure data hosting, CES Back Up Service, Email hosting with complete small business services and support as well as web hosting. When CR Law joined the CES client roster it was apparent that they were in desperate need of a website makeover. The design team at Corner Edge provided the client with 2 initial concepts to get the ball rolling. Then the decision makers at Carmagnola & Ritardi cherry picked their favorite elements from each design and offered some creative input of their own.

The New CR Law Site

Corner Edge Design redesign of

The result was an updated “CR” logo with a 3D platinum look and clean new website design that is easily navigated. The home page features a Flash animation of the CR logo and animated text. iPad/iPhone and mobile visitors are redirected to an alternate home page. Even though the site has a few “under construction” pages on it we are very proud to launch this new web presence for Carmagnola & Ritardi LLC., and to address those “under construction” pages the Corner Edge development team is planning to implement their web based on site content editing system so  Carmagnola & Ritardi will have complete control over their site content.

iWeb Presentations available for iPad mobile Safari TODAY!

Corner Edge Solutions remains on the cutting edge of technology and application development with the beta release of it’s already successful iWeb Presentations platform. The growing popularity of the iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices as well as the anticipated business market success of Apples iPad has inspired us to make our products available to a wider audience. While still available in it’s original form as a Adobe Flash based web application with a .NET backend to manage users and track data the new mobile version has been completely redeveloped from the ground up to accommodate the iPad. Corner Edge developers have embraced the Apple development environment and is excited to offer this and many more products and service applications for these ground breaking devices. Corner Edge Solutions is committed to providing the very best service on any platform. Contact Corner Edge today for a iWeb Presentations for iPad demonstration.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard upgrade review

This past Saturday I installed Max OS X Snow Leopard, but only after doing my homework! I read a lot of blog posts of pros and cons, most of them on the Apple discussions board. Plenty of scary stories and some praises too, let’s face it though, most people only go to discussions for trouble shooting help not to praise Apple. If your not having troubles you just continue with your day without a thought of what could have gone wrong. Even still there were enough horror stories to make me wait a week and take some pre-update safety measures. First and foremost I backed up all of my important files to external drives. In addition I set my Time Machine (Apple’s Back Up Utility) to do a complete back up, usually I will only back up personal important files, not system, applications etc. because  I have the original discs for those things and I don’t want to bog down my back up disc with things I can just reinstall. Then lastly I made a small 120 GB partition on my main hard drive and duplicated my existing system 10.5.8 using Carbon Copy Cloner, incase I needed to go back to my previous OS.

I ran the installer for Mac OS 10.6 on my mid 2009 iMac 24 inch with 3.06GHz Core 2 Duo processor and all went fine, took a little longer than I expected, about 30 to 45 minutes, but not bad. All my software seems run fine so far, Adobe Web Premium CS3 apps couple CS2 apps, Rosetta Stone, and most importantly Ghost Recon! I am excited to get some Exchange support in Mail, however no shared or public folders show and calendars do not connect. There is a huge performance increase with VPN connections and reading remote directories on Windows and Mac systems.

I have not fully tested everything yet but I will and update this post in the near future as I test the system more.

Oh, and while I was at it I  treated my iPod to the new iPhone OS 3.1, sweet, copy and paste!

The Durability of a iPhone and iPod Touch

My poor iPod fell down the shaft

My poor iPod fell down the shaft

While on vacation in Charleston South Carolina I had a traumatic experience. I was taking the elevator down from the third floor where our room was in the Marriott Courtyard hotel in North Charleston, when the doors opened I walked out, not looking up but checking my email on my iPod Touch. When I did look up I saw I was only on the second floor. Looking back down at my ipod I turned back to the elevator, took one step and was bumped by the closing door. The bump knocked the ipod from my hand and sent it tumbling 2 stories down the elevator shaft. I didn’t realize what had happened at first, then while scanning the floor I noticed the familiar glow of the screen shinning up at me. I was relived to see it was still on. The extremely helpful staff at the hotel was able to retrieve it for me in short order. I never invested in a case, cover or any kind of protection for the ipod, and as it turns out I didn’t need to. Other than a few nicks, a couple of scratched and a bit of a dent the thing is fine and in perfect working order. I think I will reward it with a iPhone 3.1 software upgrade.

why don’t I have an iPhone?

I’ve been struggling with this question from customers constantly since its introduction, and I still might have get one just to prove myself wrong, but I just do not see the BUSINESS benefit to an iPhone vs. a simple blackberry curve.  I can crank through contacts, calendar and messges fast on the blackberry.   Don’t see that happening on the iPhone.

Looks like I’m not alone:

I agree with that article.


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