Is your phone password protected?

Symantec recently “lost” a bunch of cell phones to see what would happen when they were found. What they found will make you want to password protect your phone right away. Check out the news story here:

iWeb Presentations available for iPad mobile Safari TODAY!

Corner Edge Solutions remains on the cutting edge of technology and application development with the beta release of it’s already successful iWeb Presentations platform. The growing popularity of the iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices as well as the anticipated business market success of Apples iPad has inspired us to make our products available to a wider audience. While still available in it’s original form as a Adobe Flash based web application with a .NET backend to manage users and track data the new mobile version has been completely redeveloped from the ground up to accommodate the iPad. Corner Edge developers have embraced the Apple development environment and is excited to offer this and many more products and service applications for these ground breaking devices. Corner Edge Solutions is committed to providing the very best service on any platform. Contact Corner Edge today for a iWeb Presentations for iPad demonstration.

The Durability of a iPhone and iPod Touch

My poor iPod fell down the shaft

My poor iPod fell down the shaft

While on vacation in Charleston South Carolina I had a traumatic experience. I was taking the elevator down from the third floor where our room was in the Marriott Courtyard hotel in North Charleston, when the doors opened I walked out, not looking up but checking my email on my iPod Touch. When I did look up I saw I was only on the second floor. Looking back down at my ipod I turned back to the elevator, took one step and was bumped by the closing door. The bump knocked the ipod from my hand and sent it tumbling 2 stories down the elevator shaft. I didn’t realize what had happened at first, then while scanning the floor I noticed the familiar glow of the screen shinning up at me. I was relived to see it was still on. The extremely helpful staff at the hotel was able to retrieve it for me in short order. I never invested in a case, cover or any kind of protection for the ipod, and as it turns out I didn’t need to. Other than a few nicks, a couple of scratched and a bit of a dent the thing is fine and in perfect working order. I think I will reward it with a iPhone 3.1 software upgrade.

why don’t I have an iPhone?

I’ve been struggling with this question from customers constantly since its introduction, and I still might have get one just to prove myself wrong, but I just do not see the BUSINESS benefit to an iPhone vs. a simple blackberry curve.  I can crank through contacts, calendar and messges fast on the blackberry.   Don’t see that happening on the iPhone.

Looks like I’m not alone:

I agree with that article.


Lets hear it from you:

Provide Windows Mobile support remotely with MyMobiler and Logmein

Providing remote PC and server support to our client has been revolutionized by our use of remote tools like Logmein (both their paid Reach and Free products).

My Mobiler screenshot

My Mobiler screenshot

How do we remotely make sure our client’s Window Mobile smartphones are configured correctly?

Thanks to the folks at MTUX (, they have put together an awesome freeware tool: My Mobiler v1.23.  It requires Activesync which can be downloaded for free from Microsoft and the USB cable to connect to your computer.

If we pair My Mobiler + Logmein we have an super efficient way of remotely viewing the screen of their Windows Mobile phones.

This helps us service our customers even better plus it helps us being even more green, we do less driving and less shipping of equipment.

At Corner Edge we love to be efficient.