iWeb Presentations available for iPad mobile Safari TODAY!

Corner Edge Solutions remains on the cutting edge of technology and application development with the beta release of it’s already successful iWeb Presentations platform. The growing popularity of the iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices as well as the anticipated business market success of Apples iPad has inspired us to make our products available to a wider audience. While still available in it’s original form as a Adobe Flash based web application with a .NET backend to manage users and track data the new mobile version has been completely redeveloped from the ground up to accommodate the iPad. Corner Edge developers have embraced the Apple development environment and is excited to offer this and many more products and service applications for these ground breaking devices. Corner Edge Solutions is committed to providing the very best service on any platform. Contact Corner Edge today for a iWeb Presentations for iPad demonstration.

Magic Mouse review

Wowzers, I have a great wife! I never have a very extensive Christmas list but I can usually count on my sweetheart and my son to wrap up most of the goodies on it and stick them under the tree. This year that included the new Magic Mouse from Apple. And not to sound too pro Apple (even though I am) I only want the new thing because the old Mighty Mouse turned out to be somewhat disappointing in the long run. Between work and home I have probably five Mighty Mice both wired and Bluetooth wireless all of which will scroll in one direction only some will only scroll up and some only down, very annoying. It’s only been a few days since I unwrapped my new toy but far the new Magic Mouse has performed– well magically. The seamless multi-touch surface is super intuitive for scrolling and panning in all applications I’ve tried so far even the newly irritating font selection panel in Flash CS4. For the most part it’s comfortable in my hand but the edges take a little getting used to. It is really nice to just sit and look at too, simple, beautiful industrial design. Hopefully it will not get buggy like it’s predecessor or burn through batteries like the old plastic wireless keyboards did. I’m not sure if it will be a big time saver or even pay for itself in productivity but it sure is a sweet toy for an Apple gadget hound like me. If this were a carpentry blog I’d tell you all about my new Dremel tool.

eMacs crash?! Who knew?!

eMac BSOD 2In the business of making technology work, system crashes are par for the course.  We run accross so many BSODs that when they show up, we are more likely to yawn than to scream.

We work with anything our customers use: Windows (all possible flavors), Linux (many flavors), OpenBSD, and Mac OS, DOS (yes DOS).

Sometimes we forget that even Macs running OS X crash, maybe it’s the genius of the Apple marketing that has us numb to that fact.eMac BSOD 2

So, when those crashes happen on a Mac (an oldie but goodie eMac to be exact) we can’t help but chuckle… it’s sort of cute in a geeky way.

Running a System Update and a Office for Mac update at the same time provided us with these latest screenshots.

Enjoy -Elias