Advanced Soil Technologies

Advanced Soil Technologies is a provider of top quality soil products to construction contractors, municipalities and private customers. AST engineered soils are among the best available. AST has contracted Corner Edge to develop its brand as well as produce their website stationery and sales tools.

Files Files Files, stored and shared securely.

There are plenty of file sharing services available but none more secure or as easy to administer than those developed by Corner Edge. Best of all it’s your own! Completely custom branded to fit your company or product. If your company is sharing sensitive documents between employees, vendors and/or clients then you should seriously consider using a system that is designed for that purpose. Sharing files through email is highly insecure and often will not support large documents, and many on-line sharing alternatives are impersonal and do not present your company in the most professional manner. Give your customers, clients and vendors the piece of mind that their sensitive documents and files are safe from prying eyes by directing them to your own file sharing website and not a public tool.  Corner Edge has helped countless companies and entrepreneurs with secure file sharing and archiving solutions like the one pictured that was developed for Bennett Associates. Call Corner Edge today to learn more 973-285-9900.

Corner Edge Solutions

Timberwolf Dry Kilns becomes TWK Custom.

When Timber Wolf Dry Kilns, a leading solutions and service provider to the lumber industry since 1962 based in Smoke Run PA, decided to revamp and redirect their business model they came to Corner Edge for branding support. Corner Edge worked with TWK on a logo design that would represent their fabrication business. Corner Edge also developed a web site design that quickly and effectively presents the  services offered by TWK Custom. The web site boldly features a background tree graphic that maintains the historical significance of the TWK brand and it’s respected reputation in the lumber industry. Corner Edge also provides TWK Custom with web site and email hosting.

A green future for Truly Home Grown.

Truly Home Grown is an exciting new start up with sturdy roots… literally! Their mission is to provide sustainable, organic vegetable gardening services, from concept to harvest. No matter how much (or little) space you may have for a garden, they can transform it into a vibrant, healthy garden. Truly Home Grown, located in Somerset NJ, has contracted Corner Edge Solutions to design and develop their public identity and assist with marketing initiatives. In addition to logo design and web site design Corner Edge is providing IT and Data Management services. The web site was designed and developed in a very short time to serve as a springboard to launch the start up into the future and to quickly provide a professional web presence for visitors and prospective clients to learn more about Truly Home Grown and their services.

Corner Edge Launches

EnviroSharp has enlisted Corner Edge for design and marketing services to help launch their amazing new service. Corner Edge provided logo development/branding corporate communications, sales collateral as well as web site design, complete hosting and enterprise services.

EnviroSharp is a odor removal, air and surface decontamination service that is chemical free, environmentally friendly and offers permanent results that are unconditionally guaranteed. Still not sure what exactly EnviroSharp is? Click the FAQ tab at to learn all there is to know about the service and how it works and what others have to say about it. So if it you have a stinky problem in your home or place of business call a EnviroSharp service provider, they will be happy to help. Maybe you’re looking for a great career opportunity, talk to EnviroSharp about becoming a service provider, contact them today.