Adobe’s Promising New Animation Tool

Last month Adobe launched a long awaited preview of its new standards based animation tool branded Adobe Edge, it’s like Flash for HTML. Edge promises to make animating web content easier for designers who are not that code savvy. Because its output is standards based and uses web kit, HTML5 and CSS3 it doesn’t require a plugin so animations will run in any modern browser including Safari on iOS devices like the iPad. I have finally found time to play with the app and am pleased so far with its simplicity. I’m not much at programming or hand coding so this kind of tool is great for me. The timeline interface is easy to use and understand and the properties panel makes tweaking and experimentation efficient. One of my favorite features is that you can open an existing html file in edge and start animating its elements. Pretty much any property can be animated, size, position, color transparency etc. What you will not find in this preview are complex drawing tools, support for creating CSS3 gradations or shadows or the ability to add interactivity but you can add those features to your elements before or after you animate in Edge. The program does not alter your existing html code much either other than adding some Javascript and CSS  include files to the head to manage the animations. Although it’s a limited preview this is already a handy tool for me and I look forward to a more robust release. Here’s an example of a page built in Dreamweaver and animated with Edge with minimal effort.

Corner Edge Design site gets a make over.

Our goal in redesigning was to make it more than just a portfolio of design projects and to better highlight key areas of our design services. The new site is geared to offer a quick synopsis of specific design services in areas of  brand identity, advertising/marketing, package design and corporate communications. The design features the clean look and simple navigation that has become the trademark for the Corner Edge family of websites, yet maintains it’s own personality inherited from the original site. We have not, however, abandoned our portfolio, it too has been redesigned. The new Corner Edge Design Portfolio is accessed through the “PORTFOLIO” link and opens in a new browser window. On computers and Flash enabled devices the portfolio offers an immersive look into the design works of Corner Edge divided into Site Design, Interface Design, Promotion and Audio Video sections. IOS users are not left out, an iPad specific version has been updated too, built with Apple’s Dashcode for maximum compatibility and utilizing common assets with the main site. An new iPhone version is not far behind. Both versions of the new port folio are dynamically populated through xml feeds. For rich Flash web site design with iOS alternative content contact Corner Edge Solutions at 973-285-9900.

Corner Edge Design

Files Files Files, stored and shared securely.

There are plenty of file sharing services available but none more secure or as easy to administer than those developed by Corner Edge. Best of all it’s your own! Completely custom branded to fit your company or product. If your company is sharing sensitive documents between employees, vendors and/or clients then you should seriously consider using a system that is designed for that purpose. Sharing files through email is highly insecure and often will not support large documents, and many on-line sharing alternatives are impersonal and do not present your company in the most professional manner. Give your customers, clients and vendors the piece of mind that their sensitive documents and files are safe from prying eyes by directing them to your own file sharing website and not a public tool.  Corner Edge has helped countless companies and entrepreneurs with secure file sharing and archiving solutions like the one pictured that was developed for Bennett Associates. Call Corner Edge today to learn more 973-285-9900.

Corner Edge Solutions

Grace Fellowship Chapel

Grace Fellowship Chapel has a brand new website. Here is an actual quote from a recent visitor.
“I LOVE THE NEW WEBSITE!!!  Crystal clear, attractive, easy to use, welcoming.” We are all very proud of the work we do and it gives us great pleasure to know that what we do is appreciated not only by our clients but by their users as well. It is also an honor to help support Grace Fellowship Chapel and their ministry. If you can’t make it to the chapel located at 375 Main Street, Bedminster, NJ just visit the website and listen to the sermons there.

Grace Fellowship Chapel

Grace Fellowship Chapel

New website for Wild Heart Bulk Landscape Supplies

Wild Heart Bulk Landscape Supplies

Wild Heart Bulk Landscape Supplies Exciting New Website

Wild Heart Bulk Landscape Supplies is a woman owned business with a goal to create superior work and service at a reasonable price. Wild Heart offers a  wide variety of products and services from their store in Hillsborough, NJ. To help the company grow Corner Edge has designed and developed a new web site that highlights  their bulk products, custom sheds and landscaping and maintenance services. Corner Edge custom developed specially designed calculators to help customers and staff to determine the volume of product needed for a given project. The site also includes order request forms for bulk supplies and sheds, which will soon be incorporated into a full online e-commerce site linked directly to the company’s sales ticket system also developed and securely hosted by Corner Edge. Be sure to visit the various services pages to see some fun Flash animation created to represent each service. In addition to Flash Corner Edge has begun implementing the latest website development techniques available through the use of  html5 and CSS3.

Atlas Data Systems gets a makeover.

Atlas Data Systems has hired Corner Edge Solutions, again, to revitalize their web site design. Atlas Data Systems provides information technology services and business solutions to a broad range of Fortune 1000 companies. It had been roughly three years since the previous iteration was launched when we received a RFP to update the site. The redesign of turned out to be  more than just a new graphic design. Corner Edge also provided Atlas with a on-site web site content editor, so they can rewrite and publish directly on the page with WYSIWYG editing tools. The design of the site is simple and straight forward with predictable navigation low key supporting images, thus projecting an image of professionalism, stability and trust. Corner Edge also provides the Westfield NJ based company with web site hosting.

Timberwolf Dry Kilns becomes TWK Custom.

When Timber Wolf Dry Kilns, a leading solutions and service provider to the lumber industry since 1962 based in Smoke Run PA, decided to revamp and redirect their business model they came to Corner Edge for branding support. Corner Edge worked with TWK on a logo design that would represent their fabrication business. Corner Edge also developed a web site design that quickly and effectively presents the  services offered by TWK Custom. The web site boldly features a background tree graphic that maintains the historical significance of the TWK brand and it’s respected reputation in the lumber industry. Corner Edge also provides TWK Custom with web site and email hosting.