BES enterprise activation fails – Contact Administrator – Simple Fix

We host email for several small business customers.  After a recent Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) update, I’ve had a lot of trouble with the enterprise activation of new phones.  The user enters the correct information on the blackberry, and it comes back with an error to contact the system administrator.

In 3 separate cases last week, with both a storm and a pearl, I had this problem.  We are running the LATEST BES OS (v4.7) which was realased in the last few days, and even after I wiped the phones, it would NOT do the enterprise activation.   Again it gave me a “contact system administrator” error on the blackberry.

Finally I installed the blackberry messenger software on the clients computer.  Just by installing the software and connecting the phone, the enterprise activation worked.

For verizon customers you can get the software here:

For Sprint customers: (Pearl selected in this case)

download the “BlackBerry Desktop Manager Version 4.7”

download the “BlackBerry Desktop Manager Version 4.7”


Migrating a Blackberry from one hosted server to another

At Corneredge we support all PDA’s to ensure full sync with all customer email services.  Blackberry’s are great for this, and typically very easy to setup.

I recently had to set up a Blackberry on a BES server on a new network we were supporting.  Despite repeated efforts, the Blackberry consistently made contact with the BES Server, and then failed on the IT Policy.

The issue was this: even if your bringing a blackberry from a domain ( in Site A into a same-named domain ( in Site B, you must break the connection that the Blackberry’s PIN has over the Blackberry network.  Until then, the Enterprise Activation will not work.  This type of situation would come up when you change your MX record, for example.

You basically have two options here:

1. Contact the old BES host in the old site and ask them to remove the PIN; or
2. Go to the Blackberry Device / Options /Advanced / Service Book, and blow away the value “”Desktop [CMIME]”.

Once that happens, the Blackberry brings you through the mail setup routine as if it were brand new out of the box, and will sync fine with your BES server in the new environment.