Corner Edge drives clients ahead with social marketing.

Corner Edge Solutions has begun development of several social marketing programs for various clients as well as internal projects. We are using Facebook to boost brand recognition, offer customers value added benefits and to simply entertain. Custom Facebook tabs can provide an additional creative canvas for delivering rich media content to your customers and increase your ROI with improved search rankings. Our development process includes strategic implementation of Google Analytics to track everything from page views to individual clicks. With tracking in place we are able to better understand how visitors are using our sites and then make adjustments accordingly. If you’re feeling like you need to get more out of your company’s Facebook page or blog call Corner Edge at 973-285-9900.

Facebook outage caused by programming error

As developers we can completely understand how a simple programming error can cause a site to go down.  Facebook is not immune.  The facebook outage yesterday was caused by an un-handled error condition in the code that resulted in a complete crash of the system.

Glad they have it figured out for now.  There goes the economy and productivity.