Bridge the gap between print designers and web developers

We’ve  heard both sides of the story, from an art director venting “the programmers don’t understand the brand” to developers saying “the designers don’t understand the web.”

Corner Edge provides a unique service to several design studios and advertising agencies that eliminates this issue, allowing creatives to maintain complete creative control while reducing overhead cost through outsourced development. What makes our development service so unique is not only our top notch developers and database engineers but their collaboration with our design staff.  Our designers are steeped in a traditional print background. In addition to being excellent interactive designers, our staff has more than 20 years of experience in advertising, packaging, collateral and publishing. This diversity  makes Corner Edge designers ideally equipped to serve as liaison between our clients creative departments and our developers.

We understand both sides of the spectrum so nothing is lost in translation. If your agency/studio is geared primarily towards providing print advertising, package design or branding yet has a need to also deliver integrated, branded web initiatives Corner Edge can help you provide that service. Because our designers posses well rounded creative experience in both web and print they can effectively communicate with your creative team in the same language to ensure a cohesive brand translation from print materials to web and mobile devices.  This translates into time savings, fewer missed deadlines, and project success.

If your client needs a web site, mobile app, social media marketing, or other interactive product and your considering outsourcing the development be sure to partner with a company that understands your business and one that can bridge the gap between print and web.

Does Sortfolio marketing for design services work?

The short answer is yes! Any business searching for design services will find an extremely useful tool for narrowing their options. Businesses offering design services will find it to be a very worthwhile  use of about 10 minutes of their time, 10 minutes because that’s about how long it takes to add your company to the listing and it’s FREE! Simply add a brief company bio, an image that represents your design services and best of all a link to your website to give interested parties a more in depth look at your company and work. Corner Edge listed there to help drive their graphics business and have experienced positive results with valuable leads towards new business. Yes, valuable leads because right there on our listing prominently displayed is a general price guide line for a typical design project, this weeds out prospects that are looking for freelance rates as well as those looking for Madison Avenue agencies. Corner Edge services a wide base of clients ranging from Fortune 500 multi-nationals to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Whether you need branding, advertising or collateral, Corner Edge is here to help. In print, on the web or in an email campaign, we can conceptualize a program to get your message out with design that is targeted directly to your customers.