Mac OS X Snow Leopard upgrade review

This past Saturday I installed Max OS X Snow Leopard, but only after doing my homework! I read a lot of blog posts of pros and cons, most of them on the Apple discussions board. Plenty of scary stories and some praises too, let’s face it though, most people only go to discussions for trouble shooting help not to praise Apple. If your not having troubles you just continue with your day without a thought of what could have gone wrong. Even still there were enough horror stories to make me wait a week and take some pre-update safety measures. First and foremost I backed up all of my important files to external drives. In addition I set my Time Machine (Apple’s Back Up Utility) to do a complete back up, usually I will only back up personal important files, not system, applications etc. because  I have the original discs for those things and I don’t want to bog down my back up disc with things I can just reinstall. Then lastly I made a small 120 GB partition on my main hard drive and duplicated my existing system 10.5.8 using Carbon Copy Cloner, incase I needed to go back to my previous OS.

I ran the installer for Mac OS 10.6 on my mid 2009 iMac 24 inch with 3.06GHz Core 2 Duo processor and all went fine, took a little longer than I expected, about 30 to 45 minutes, but not bad. All my software seems run fine so far, Adobe Web Premium CS3 apps couple CS2 apps, Rosetta Stone, and most importantly Ghost Recon! I am excited to get some Exchange support in Mail, however no shared or public folders show and calendars do not connect. There is a huge performance increase with VPN connections and reading remote directories on Windows and Mac systems.

I have not fully tested everything yet but I will and update this post in the near future as I test the system more.

Oh, and while I was at it I  treated my iPod to the new iPhone OS 3.1, sweet, copy and paste!