How to virtualize an old computer

As developers and systems engineers we use an immense amount of software tools and applications.  Transfering to using a new computer seems like it can take months before you have “all you need” for our daily tasks.

When I took delivery of my new laptop in January I struggled with this issue.  My old machine had been in place for 3 years and now I was faced with starting fresh.  64-bit Vista on my laptop also presented a challenge for old applications I used.  Not to mention that old PCanywhere, old VPN connections, etc…

SO, I decided to virtualize my old laptop.  I can litterally run that computer in VMware faster than I could before, and I don’t have to worry about old applications or old VPN configurations for customers, they all just work!

So how do you do it?  Simply install the free Vmware converter on the machine you want to virtualize and point it to your nearest VMWare workstaion or server.  I highly recommend this, it was a truely painless process.

Fore more information check out these sites:

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