Fix RDP from Vista to Windows Server 2008 Terminal Server connectivity and performance

So you have configured your Windows Server 2008 Terminal Server with:

Server Manager >> “Configure Remote Desktop” >> Systems Properties >> “Remote Desktop”

as “Allow connections from computers running any version of one of Remote Desktop (Less secure)”

And your XP clients get a quick RDP connection but Vista clients hang for a long time and sometimes connect and sometimes don’t, then it’s a firewall issue. (Clarification: this post does NOT apply to a TS Gateway.)

Not a firewall issue for traffic to the Terminal Server (TS) but a connection between the TS and your Domain Controller (DC)!

If your design includes a firewall between your TS and DC, first make sure you have the basic rules configured.

Then make sure you’re allowing outbound TCP port 49157 between TS and DC. It is a port used by svchost.exe and lsass.exe during authentication.

Presto! The connections from your Vista clients will be lightning fast.

Corner Edge likes their Vista lighting fast.


Remote Desktop multi-monitor support

Multiple monitors are great for productivity.  Here’s a tip to use multiple monitors with your remote desktop or terminal server connection.

Use the “/span” and “/f” command line switches for the Microsoft remote desktop client for dual monitor support.

e.g. to remote desktop into a Terminal Server named “myRDPname” from the command line and get the RDP client to span dual monitors in full screen mode:

mstsc /v:myRDPname /span /f




the remote machine name


span across multiple monitors


open in full screen mode

If you use the /? switch you can see all the command line arguments.