Corner Edge Designs and Develops CES Phones site.

Corner Edge has launched the new CES Phones web site. The site is designed to serve as an sales tool where CES Phones staff and potential customers can access detailed information about the products and services offered. The symbolic key pad in the background takes it’s design cues from the retro styled CES Phones logo. Customers can access the CES Phones portal from a link at the top of the page, and request support as well. Requests submitted from the site are fed directly into the CES Phones ticketing system and prioritized immediately. CES Phones, based in Wilmington Delaware, offers small business and enterprise VOIP solutions. If you think your business would benefit from a lower phone bill visit

Virtual Office and working from anywhere

I’m happy to say I can now officially work from anywhere. Its a great feeling, and I am really enjoying this beautiful weather. Can you get out and do that efficiently today?

I can truly:

  • Answer all calls on my office phone – via my software phone on my laptop.
  • Make all calls with my office caller id with my softphone – caller id says I’m in the office to customers, so what if there are birds in the background.
  • Access all my data on the virtual office system, outlook anywhere, & external sites via the internet
  • Enjoy this beautiful weather!
  • Have the freedom to sit down and work ANYWHERE with my verizon air card & laptop.

Can you work from anywhere? Call us today for more information how you can free yourself from the confines of a traditional office environment. You deserve this level of efficiency and ease of technology access.  We can help you drive your business ahead of the curve.  This is easy, and its time you took advantage of it.